General preparation tips for MBA admission

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General preparation tips for MBA admission

MBA (Master of Business Administration) admissions is reputed to give people insomnia considering the competition and complexity involved. It is a daunting process, no doubt about that. There are various entrance exams that test the aptitude of a candidate and are designed to assess different essential abilities of the student. But before we deep dive into this, it is of utmost importance that you as a candidate understand the clear need and relevance of the program. MBA prepares you for various functions and positions in the industry. MBA popularity began from the Ivy League universities in the USA that started recruiting students into their Management program with the goal to prepare them for the ‘Business World’. It slowly gained enormous popularity worldwide and has become a well sought after degree.

Fact finding

• It’s a program with a wide variety of subjects chosen from the academic field based on relevance
• It’s an interdisciplinary education program
• Many people learn the business from their parents who pass it on to them or from actual on-the-job experience, but the MBA program is structured to give the participants’ real world knowledge
• It is very practical as compared to other degrees in science, arts or commerce.
• It is a postgraduate program and anyone from any discipline with marks that make them eligible can apply
• Many reputed universities or colleges require some work experience prior to admitting the students as it definitely makes a difference
• Business case studies are a very important part of the teaching methodology which means students are involved in reading, research, self-study, analysis and critical thinking unlike many degrees that assess theoretical knowledge.
• The program is proven to instill ‘leadership’, ‘management’ and ‘decision making’ ability as well. Not many can get away with procrastination as the program is intense and prepares individuals to march ahead to achieve the results.
• It is a flexible program and has different specializations to offer. Example, MBA finance, International Business, Accountancy, Human Resources etc.
• There is a lot of emphasis on prior work experience as that means that the candidates have encountered real problems in their work life before, real business dilemmas and real people problems and helps them relate theory to practice easily.

Make sure you have clear reasons for deciding to apply for MBA as this will be certainly one of the questions in the admission interview if you clear the entrance test. The day you decide to apply for an MBA, that’s the day you need to start preparing for MBA entrance examinations. There are many of them example, GMAT, CAT, XAT, SNAP, CMAT and each of them have some unique assessment sections from one another.

Key work areas

1.Language ability – practice good written and spoken English as grammatical mistakes and common errors will not take you far in the entrance tests. With the introduction of XAT which also has an Essay writing section, it makes it very difficult for students to score despite them scoring well in the multiple choice sections.
2.Logical and reasoning ability – Basic knowledge of Mathematics and statistics. If you have been cut off from these two words, then it is high time you start revising. Don’t leave it for 5 days before the exam
3.Overall business knowledge and awareness – read journals, news and subscribe to professional blogs that can help you keep yourself abreast with current happenings.
4.Leadership qualities and public speaking – there is no one book or formula to learn or improve these skills, but yes, you can definitely practice, join clubs that can help you improve these skills and improve your confidence.

Final word

Finally, an advice, don’t lose focus, but don’t worry or stress too. You do possess inherent talent and skills and remember that you do not have to do what everyone else is doing. Do what suits your learning method and style. Work hard, but work smart too! All the best to you!

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