Germany Won Hockey Championship BY Defeating Pakistan

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Olympic Championship has won by Germany on 15th Dec 2014. This is 10th Hockey Championship trophy which is won by Germany. Germany defeated Pakistan hockey team by score of 20 goals in final hockey match on Monday. The final hockey championship match was held in Odisha, Kalinga Stadium. For 3rd position Indian team has lost to Australian team by 1-2 score. And other side on 5th-6th position Netherlands defeated Argentina by 4-1 While England defeated Belgium to finish seventh.

It was always going to be big challenge for Oltmans to psych up the team for team for bronze medal playoff after defeating to Pakistan. Skipper Sardar Singh and Oltmans had admitted as much 13th Dec 2014 match. And in manner they have played that was an evident that the defeat to the team of Pakistan which was still paying on their minds. This was really disappointed match for India. Not only because we lost was the trophy but also it the match which we could have won by implementing our plan” as Oltmas said after defeat on Sunday.
But the final match was won by German team 10th times. Florian Fuchs (57th) and Christopher Wesley (18th minute) scored for German team. On most part of match the Germany team dominated to Pakistan team on the ground. German team controlled the match from starting and other side Pakistan team rarely created chances for 30 minutes
Florian Fuchs missed a chance for open in13th Minutes from opening. In 18th minutes German team took ahead when Wesley send the ball home after receiving ball from Jonas Monoll
Otherside Pakistan created some chances for open but did not get goal and German team controlled the match. In 57th Minutes Germany hockey team created 2nd Goal against the Pakistan team and won the trophy.

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