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Happy Womens Day- Oath to respect and protect

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Happy Womens day to all

Happy Womens Day.Women are our Family member,Women are our Freinds,Women are our Staff member,They are every where.Without them we are nothing.Lets celebrate theirs day.

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Happy Womens Day

We wish you Happy Women’s day to all of Women of the world. Every day is yours! But still we want to present you a day which can be remembered as Women’s Day. The day of 8th March each Year is being celebrated as Women’s Day. We see several lines being saying that you should love Women and give respect on this day to mark the celebration of the day. But in my view, all throughout the year, we should show due regard and respect which they deserve.

Women of Today

There used to be days when women were considered as only the ‘homemaker’, but with the changing times and with some of their fighting abilities and urge to show the world, their real power, women of today have successfully progressed to the top of the world. Women of today are no behind than men in any fields and at any stage. Women no longer are weak and as the section which are dependent on men for living.

Achievements of Women in various fields

With the rapid change in the world, now we can see Women actively participating at all the platforms of the world. From the field of Sports to Science, from Politics to Entertainment, Women are leading the race. When we talk of India alone, we have seen likes of Indira Gandhi, Mary Kom, Pratibha Singh Patil, Kalpana Chawla, Lata Mangeshkar, Sonai Gnadhi, Chanda Kochchar, Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal and many more. They all can be considered as the gems of their own fields and have achieved huge reputation in their areas. In the corporate world, Women are establishing their name with great success and we can easily find women at the top of several MNCs.

Cases against Women in India

According to National Crime Records Bureau, around 24923 cases of rapes were reported in the country in year 2012. The irony of this report is that in most of the cases, women knew the culprit and that percentage is around 98% of the cases. When we account for the total number of cases against women, that number is a whooping 244270 as of 2012 and an increase of around 7 % when compared to year 2011. These cases includes the crimes like
• Rape – 24923
• Kidnapping – 38262
• Dowry Deaths – 8233
• Cruelty by husband and relatives – 106527
• Insult to modesty of women – 9173
• Assault of women with intent to outrage her modesty – 45351
• Importation of girls from foreign country – 59

We are celebrating Women’ Day to embark the day as a special one for our sisters, wife, mother and other relatives but still we fail to show the respect which other women deserve from us. At home, we are showing huge love and respect to our women but on road we try to tease them and assault the same section of society.

Oath which we all should take?

On the eve of Womens Day, we should take an oath to regard women as the equivalent section of the society and give me due respect and protection. We should help towards the development of a society where women feel safe even walking alone at night. We should always remember that women are those because of which we are present. We should now accept the fact that Women are the equal section of Society who with their hard labor and intelligence has come up to lead the world. Now, Women are everywhere. They are homemakers, they are running a country, they are working at top position at MNCs, they are running businesses and many more.

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  1. As a Woman, she has lots of responsibilities in Society. B.coz,she is the pillar of a family & Society as a whole. We take an Oath that, in future,no women should deprive another woman,whether it is family or Society. All should hold hands together without discremination in caste or creed,poor or rich, in power or not,should support to uplift each other to build a strong country. Patriotism should be the first word in every womens life. When u love ur family, or society or the country as a whole, ur first step is sacrifice. That’s how we as a human should be. Men & Women are two sides of a coin, blended together by mother Nature. Where there is Strength & Intelligence put together, there we see development. Women are the foundation of a Society.Now we knew, a strong foundation is reqd, to build

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