How to Be Industry Ready and Achieve Your Goals Right after Graduation

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This article is particularly targeted at students studying abroad.
When graduation is approaching, searching for the right job might seem intimidating. But there are things you can do to get on the right and fruitful career path.

The ultimate goal of a graduate is to find a suitable job that commensurate his capabilities, skills and interests. After accomplishing all the exams, seminars, presentations, assignments, terms, etc, with a degree in hand, students enter into the job world to begin their careers. This process seems tiresome, intimidating and difficult to find good job opportunities. Hence I provide some effective ways to help ease this process and help you with tips and advice which will help you get hired.

Proper planning

You have to set forth certain goals for yourself and strive to work towards them. Ask yourself what you want from your career. By doing so you can more easily drive your career in the direction you wish. Without proper planning you will not only waste your time but also miss out opportunities that could make a huge difference in your career.

Industry specific

If you are an electrical engineer and would like to work in power electronics, you should start researching the opportunities and polish your skillset in this domain right from the beginning. This is the level of details you should have when you are set out to search for companies that match your qualifications in your desired field. Make sure to read the job descriptions provided by an employer very closely, and make sure to know out all the requirements. Doing so will help ensure that you apply for positions that match your career goals.

Do Internships

Internships are really a boon to students. You should do as many as possible in your student days. If not, try to do at least one internship in your field of interest. You have to find a suitable internship opportunity to get hands on experience. Doing so will give you an upper edge over your competitors and you can impress your potential employers that you are proficient in your chosen domain.

Take mock interviews

Interviews are quite intimidating but when done properly you will end up having that coveted job in your hand. You can do this by taking as many mock interviews as possible. Mock interviews are usually conducted in a stress free environment but simulate a real job interview. In such a scenario you get firsthand experience on what goes on in an interview and you get expert feedback to help you review your weaker areas and further bolster your stronger areas. Preparation is the key to succeed in a job interview.

Now that you know the secret sauce to succeed in your endeavors to find that right job, go ahead and create history. Share your success stories with us in the comments section below.

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