How to Make the Best Out of College life When Abroad

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If you are a master’s student pursuing your masters abroad, this post is targeted at you. Getting your college degree is a big step and can require quite many adjustments.

You might have heard this before – “College days will the best years of your life” So, enjoy it. It will be over before you know it. In the meantime, you might be having a lot of worries and concerns as studying abroad represents a biggest leap of faith.

Do not worry. Here are some tips on what you can do to adjust better to college life.

Pack wisely – make sure to pack all your essentials first – like books you may need, medicines, etc. do not over pack and pack every small thing from your place. If you cram your small room with your old things, where will you then put all the new memories that you’ll be making? Be sure to fill your laptop with your memorable pictures and videos and load it with games and movies you love. They are the stress relievers. Trust me when I say this.

Managing expectations – This may seem difficult as you don’t really know what to expect at first. The best way is to simply go in with a clear and open state of mind. Expect the unexpected; it is not going to be what you’re used to. May it be the country, the city you are going to live in or the university you are studying at? Accept things as they are. It is up to you to find a balance that works.

Budget – higher studies abroad involves a lot of investment. When abroad, pay attention to your spending and spend wisely and responsibly. Don’t get taken away by the glitters and the colourful lifestyle there. Even before you realise, your chances of going broke will be high. Install an expense manager and monitor your expenses monthly.

Daily chores – Develop a healthy lifestyle. Now that you are on your own, you need to cook your own breakfast and iron your clothes yourself. All of sudden you are on your own now. Apart from daily chores, you have to make time for college and concentrate on your studies too. Remember, this is the main reason you went abroad in the first place.

Dealing with stress – You are sure to experience stress owing to your daily chores and strenuous long lectures and frequent assignments. The best course of action in this scenario is to take measures to deal with stress accordingly. Try these methods – getting enough sleep, eating regularly, go on a walk or cycling, meet friends, etc.

Socializing – This may be a very tough task initially. For one, we are dealing with enough uncertainty already. But try to slowly make connections as having a least one person that you can consult with your questions is very good and is a life saver in a foreign land. If you are having trouble making friends, just put on a friendly face and offer to help when you meet someone new. They might return the favour when you are in need.


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