How to Overcome Procrastination

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Procrastination means the action of delaying or postponing something. Admit it, as you were reading the title of this blog post you considered reading it later. Here are a few tips that could help us all deal with procrastination.

If there is an assignment, we tend to leave it till the last minute and we only do it in the last minute. And then we feel – next time I’ll do it before the last date. But wait a second, how many times have you tried to rectify this habit? I bet you hardly ever tried. The same story repeats gain and again.

Find these amazing tricks which will help you overcome procrastination:


  • When you know you have to deal with a big project, it automatically gives us an impression of something that is tiresome and daunting. For instance, as a college goer, these may include big essays, writing length assignments, revising ahead of an important test, your daily chores (going to the supermarket, doing your laundry, house cleaning, etc). So what can you do in such situations? It is simple. Break down the task into small steps. For example, you can set goals for finishing certain parts of an assignment. This gives us a feeling that it’s not just one task, but instead several small tasks such as – Introduction, tables, list of contents, graphs, bibliography, etc. By enjoying these small accomplishments you can boost your confidence incrementally.


  • When you are set out to do a task, as a rule of thumb stay away from electronic gadgets. Yes! Read it once again and aloud. It’s not easy, and it’s definitely not fun, but it will help you get things done.


  • At times we are required to work on a task we don’t really want to be working on. But this can be made easier by reminding yourself what awaits when you’re done with the task. So, what can you do? You need to reward yourself every time you complete a task.


  • When something is really urgent or important. The best way to stop postponing it is by telling your friends, family and people around you. Tell them the tasks you are going to do. Now that they know that you are set out to do something, they will ask you – Did you do that thing? By making it public you give yourself that extra push to avoid any embarrassment and you have got an image to maintain right?
  • As a golden rule of Zen – do / focus / concentrate on only one task or project at a time. It is no good trying to take on several tasks at once with the hope of finishing quickly. Doing so, all you will do is compromise the quality of your work and if things go terribly wrong, you end leaving all of the tasks incomplete and pending. So, in such a scenario, here is what can you do – Make a concise to-do list with timelines for each sub task (remember – the first step, breaking down into small chunks). Try to adhere to it and when you follow this routine you will realise in no time that you have overcome procrastination.


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