How to Standout from the Crowd with Your Resume

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A friend of mine recently left his lucrative job and started a health care company with the intent to make his mark. He was working 24X7 with his new start-up and was in search of a candidate with an expertise in Java. Over a casual chat he asked me if I knew someone who could live up to his expectations and hence I started scouting for candidates. With just a few clicks and shares about the job opportunity, my inbox was flooded with resumes. Of all the resumes I received, a candidate sent out a very exciting infographic showcasing his skills. He was immediately called for the screening and he was the one to get that coveted job. An unbeatable resume that will help one get spotted in the crowd is craved by all. When there is a large pool of prospective candidates waiting to grab their desired job it is extremely crucial that your resume has a cut above the rest.

The resume is the face of your profile which can make or break your chance of getting selected. Hence you need to craft your resume in a way that will have all the necessary detailing without being generic. Hence you should keep in mind the following pointers to avoid any blunders when it comes to how you present your resume.

A captivating header: The objective statement at the beginning is a matter of the past and should be completely omitted. The title of your resume can include your best expertise or your qualification that you possess. For instance, a title that says Electrical Engineer. Each job has a different requirement and you should consider refining your resume depending on the job advertisement. The job advertisement mentions the required skills and responsibilities. You can pick up these things to highlight your skills and qualification accordingly.

Fine-tunings: Highlight your specialized skills and certifications in lines with the job profile. You should try using related keywords that will make your resume stand out further.

Personal branding: Mention your unique skills and certifications that will be an added advantage to the job profile. Doing so catches your employers’ attention. You will get only one chance to influence your employer and you should make good use of that chance with your resume.

De-clutter: Remove the jargon and commonly used words such as hard working, committed or a team player. Instead cite the situation where you have been a part of team while working on a project.

Tone of your language: Keep the tone right. For example, the resume of an engineer will have a different tone from that of a graphic designer. The tone should always be aligned with the job you are applying to.

Ditch the MS-word: Stop relying on Microsoft Word and start using online resume builders or infographic builders that offer rich editing. Adding too much text makes your resume lifeless. Make optimal use of the visual tools to make your resume appealing.

Keyword optimization: Like previously mentioned, optimize your resume by using the same in your resume by analyzing the job description. This will help the employers spot your resume within a short span of time and builds the credibility of your resume too.

Recheck and rephrase: Be sure to proofread and spellcheck your resume. It is a must to forbid from making any errors. Carefully go through your resume and if required you can ask anyone on behalf of you to proofread to avoid errors.

Constantly update: Update your recent achievements or career changes as you go in your resume. Remember: Your resume needs to be up to date when you present it to your potential employer.

All of this boils down to this – put in a little extra time and effort to craft an impeccable resume that makes you stand apart from the rest.

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