How to Stay Organized and Stay On Top Of Your Schedule

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We all wish to stay organized and stay on time with our duties and tasks. But often we find ourselves not having enough time to complete the tasks that we set out to do. This is the most prevalent case among college goers. We always try but often postpone things.

Staying organized is not an easy thing you have to constantly push yourself to achieve the things you set out to do. You have to take steps that might seem boring and annoying at first but, they certainly game handy and will be a life saver.

If you are still reading, I bet you are really interested to change your life. So, read on. Here are a few tricks to rejuvenate your life and be a super star.

First thing to do in the morning – wake-up on time. Many researchers, authors, highly successful people have repeated said that the secret to their success is that they start their day very early in the morning. If you start your day on the wrong time, it can easily disappear. So, try the old school method of setting an alarm the night before to ensure that you start the day off with proper planning rather than simply going with the flow. It is better to leave your alarm in a location that requires you to get up.

Next thing is you need to set up goals to complete all your tasks in the designated timeline. Apps such as Wunderlist,, Evernote, etc come handy. Alternately, you can have a small pocket journal where you outline your tasks for the day / week / month and strike off things that re completed. It is up to you to choose the method that works best for you.

Now, get to know your body and mind. Each person has some active hours – the hours that are more efficient during your entire day. Some have their active hours early in the day while some have it in the midnight instead. It is ok to have your active hours at any time of the day and there is no right or wrong here. All you should do here is try and be a more organized person than you were the day before.

Now that you are done with active hours, now know your most productive location – the environment where you feel you get most of your work done. Be it the college library, a nearby coffee shop, a park, your hostel dorm or simply your house. Determine what works best for you and make sure to utilize that resource to its fullest.

Remember – productivity and organization are like best friends. They go hand in hand. Staying on top of your tasks and duties might seem a strenuous and a challenging thing to do in the beginning. But, remember, all good things are messy in the beginning. You just have to keep pursuing your new routine until it gets woven into your soul.

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