How to Write a Killer SOP – Part 2

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This is a follow up to our previous article how to write a killer SOP. If you haven’t viewed it yet, you can view the article here. In this article we present to you some do’s and don’ts and some more killer tips to help you write a master SOP. We can assure you when you follow these steps meticulously, you can be sure of yourselves to impress the admissions committee. On the other hand this entire guide is free to use and share thus helping you save huge bucks often charged by the consultancies.

The main advantage of writing the SOP all by yourselves is that you get the chance to introspect yourself. You get the much needed break from your routine and you will start spending time on yourself. You will think about all the events and experiences of your life that helped you shape who you are today. You will get to explore some deeper sections of your grey matter which are otherwise forgotten in time. This introspection has another added advantage. By exploring your inner voices, you will definitely get to know if what you are doing with your life now or what you want to do is what you wanted. This thought process helps you articulate your thoughts, emotions and actions.

After all this introspection, you will definitely have a sharp, clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Now, when you start writing the SOP, you will write a unique piece of essay that reflects your personality, your passion and zeal. This document is completely plagiarism free. Plagiarism in simple words means copy i.e. you take someone else’s work and pretend it to be yours. These days most of the universities use plagiarism detection software to check for originality. You have to make sure yours is plagiarism free. This increases your chance of admission. Most consultancies that offer these kinds of services simply copy paste. So beware folks.

Here are some tips to follow when drafting your SOP

When writing a Statement of Purpose, your thoughts and ideas can become quite overwhelming as you struggle to create an effective essay that captures who you are and why you are applying. The following advice is another friendly measure in helping you write that winning essay:

  1. Follow the university’s instructions on how they want the Statement of Purpose to be written. For example: Word Count, Number of Pages, Format (spacing, margins, font size, etc.)
  2. Examine samples written by other students who have submitted successful SOPs. This will help you get a better understanding of the format. Of course, please do not copy their work. Write your own SOP.
  3. Write a first draft. Read the questions again. Make sure that you have effectively answered the questions asked by the university.
  4. Ask a professor, counselor or someone that you trust to read your first draft and provide any feedback on its content.
  5. Once you have received adequate feedback, make the necessary changes to your essay and prepare the final draft. The final draft should contain strong sentence variety and be free of spelling and grammatical errors. Though this advice might sound silly, many students often falter here owing to negligence.
  6. Make sure that you have established your voice in your final draft. Your tone in the essay should reflect what is special, diverse, unique and impressive about you. Write about your USPs.
  7. Always remember to save! Be sure to keep a backup file of your essay. A portion of this essay may be useful for writing another SOP to another college or university. You definitely should not submit the same essay when applying to multiple courses or universities. Read our previous article here for more info on this point.

If you still find that you are having difficulties completing your Statement of Purpose, then do not stress. Take a few days and put this task aside. You will find that other activities will jog your mind and creativity, providing you with ideas and content to incorporate into your document. A Statement of Purpose requires time and thoughtfulness. You want to sell yourself to the committee and in order to do that you need to put your best foot forward. This also means that you should start working on your SOP well in advance.

Be honest. Most importantly, be yourself.

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