IGNOU a place to learn without Time and Place Restrictions

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Indira Gandhi National Open University
Situated at MaidanGarhi, New Delhi, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is the best university for Distance Education. Established in September 1985, this university has the most number of enrollments in various subjects. More than 3 million students learn under this glorious university.
Started with 4528 students, this university has grown to provide education for more than 3 million students from every corner of India. Having 67 regional centers along with 2667 learning support centers all over our country, it is very helpful for students to reach them and get help.

Proficient academic staff and teaching faculty

More than 574 academic staff (headquarters), 810 teaching faculty and 33,212 academic counselors in all regional centers help in providing a high level of education to the students. Indians feel proud of having such a university which paves the way to teach such a large number of students.

The teaching staff offers the best of education for students so that students can pass the exams with flying colors and also gain knowledge of their particular subject. They also help students with preparing for different exams which will help them get good jobs, grades and even promotions in their working place. It is not wrong to say that the teaching staff is the backbone of this brilliant university.

The main objective of IGNOU is to offer access to higher education for people who are in all corners of India and help people who are in situations who cannot attend regular colleges for their academic purpose. Students who are willing to learn even if they are working are most benefitted by this university.

For the ease of students, all regional centers are fixed with two-way video conferencing connectivity which helps them a great deal. To teach modern technology to students, there is an emphasis on learning through interactive multimedia. It adds value and raises the standard of education being delivered to the students

Special features of IGNOU

• Learner support centers in many parts of India
• The varied number of degree, diploma, certificate, and doctoral programs
• Register and payment of fees through online
• Know your results on the homepage of this university
• Exam details offered online
• Student support zone to help students from all corners of our country
• affordable fee structure
• providing regular classes along with practical sessions

Jobs at Indira Gandhi National Open University

Competition for jobs which students face in this century is like that of no other. It is often the worry of students to land a good job in the same field of their educational expertise. What’s more, students who have finished their degree or diplomas are eligible to apply for the job vacancies provided on the home page of the website.

Having such a large number of students and faculty members, this university is always in need of good staff to do the numerous works involved with it. It is like a breath of fresh air when students who study at this university are able to get jobs with IGNOU as well.

Networking with various popular institutions and other private sectors for its enhanced educational opportunities, the students find it easy to associate with major companies and stand out. Being a world leader in the education industry, IGNOU has been awarded titles like the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Canada, many times.

All in all, this university serves the students in need of education who do not have the proper learning channel at an affordable cost. By making use of the help offered by this university, even people from the most remote villages of India can get a degree or a diploma which can help them to reach new heights in their life.

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