IIT colleges in India

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History of IITs

IITs are the Institutions which saw the establishment of its first one in 1950 in Kharagpur. In 1956, this Institution was declared as the institution of national Importance by then the Prime Minister Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru. On the recommendation of Sarkar Committee, the four new institutions came into effect in 1958 in the form of IIT Mumbai in 1958, IIT Chennai in 1959, IIT Kanpur in 1959 and IIT Delhi in 1961.

Current IITs

Indian Institute of Technology or simply IITs are the group of institutions which run under the act of Institutes of Technology Act, 1961. These are the public engineering and management group of Institutes. These are the institutes which have been declared as the “Institutes of National Importance” Currently, there are 16 IITs in the country which are located across the country.

The 16 IITs located in the country are:

1.) IIT Kharagpur, established in 1951
2.) IIT Mumbai, established in 1958
3.) IIT Kanpur, established in 1959
4.) IIT Delhi, established in 1963
5.) IIT Chennai, established in 1959
6.) IIT Guwahati, established in 1944
7.) IIT Roorkee, established in 2001
8.) IIT Allahabad

Some new IITs are:
1.) IIT Ropar, established in 2008
2.) IIT Jodhpur, established in 2008
3.) IIT Hyderabad, established in 2008
4.) IIT Bhubaneswar, established in 2008
5.) IIT Gandhinagar, established in 2008
6.) IIT Mandi, established in 2009
7.) IIT Patna, established in 2008
8.) IIT Indore, established in 2009
9.) IIT BHU, established in 2012

Degrees awarded by the IITs and the admission process

All these IITs are connected to each other through a common IIT Council, which is responsible for the administration of these IITs. These IITS awards the degree ranging from Engineering to PhD. Apart from B Tech and M Tech, IITs have been awarding many other courses like M Sc in Engineering, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. IITs have been awarding other degree like MBA too. For a long time, IITs had been seeing the common admission process which was used to fill up the seats required and was known as IIT-CEE (IIT-Common Entrance EXAMINATION). But from 2013, this was replaced from IIT-JEE (Joint Entrance Examination). The admission process into the M Tech programs is being done through the GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) process. The post graduate level programmes in fact are being administered by the older IITs. Admission to the courses like M Sc in Engineering, Physics, chemistry, Mathematics and MBA is done through the exams like JAM, CEED and CAT.

Proposed IITs

Some of the proposed IITs are in the process too. There have been reports of the ISM (Indian School of mines), to be converted into an IIT. The process of its conversion is almost done and the formation is in process. However, some more IITs have been proposed and this number is around 5 which are going to be established in the states like Jammu and Kashmir, Goa, Chhattisgarh, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. This Proposal was announced in the budget of 2014 and thus may see some time in the process of the establishment.
Latest Reports related to IITs
According to the latest reports, IITs are among the five best entrepreneurial undergraduate Institutes of the world. In fact, it is ranked fourth among the top fifty such institutes in the world. According to the research, IITs had a total of 264 entrepreneurs and founded 205 companies and raised around $3.15 billion in total.

Structure of IITs

The structure of IITs is in such a way that the President is at the apex of the structure and is commonly known as Ex-Officio Visitor. Then, comes the IIT Council, which is just under the President and comprises the minister in charge of Technical education in The Central Government. Then comes the Board of Governors and under them Director is the one who stands. Under the Director, Deputy Director comes while Deans, Heads of Department, Registrar, President of Student’s Council and chairman of Hall Management comes under the Deputy Director.


IITs are the most preferred institutes in India and are considered as the best Platform to complete Engineering, etc. The success story of IITs can be established from the fact that only the meritorious students are able to enter these premier institutes through the admission test and thus the most minded brains are groomed there with all the facilities related to research and other academics. These Institutes have the brand name on Global Platform and many of IITs of India comes under the good ranks of the Institutes globally. With great Competition in the entrance many of the students have been seeing joining many coaching classes meant for the preparation of the entrance test.
These Institutes have helped to improve the education in India and overall image of India in delivering some sharp minded people in the world.

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