Importance of Internships

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Internships – every college goer dream. Every student wants to work at a big multinational company. But, why on earth would someone want to work simply to get experience with little or no compensation? There are myriad reasons.

Doing an internship gives you the first hand experience of what it feels like to work in a real industry. Here you will see all your classroom theories in work. This also gives you the chance to peruse if you really want to make a career in that field or consider other options as well.

Here are a few points to help you develop the zeal and enthusiasm to consider doing an internship.

  • Most companies offer internships as part of corporate social responsibility. It also provides lower risks for both the employer as well as the candidate. It is because, employer invests little or almost no resources in hiring and as a candidate you are not bound by a full-time contract.
  • You should keep an open mind when reporting to your job / internship. Many internships will include a range of tasks which include clerical work, field duty, talking to clients / suppliers, etc. This will give you the opportunity to experience a variety of responsibilities and you get a clear picture of each job profile. You gain a basic understanding of how everything works.
  • Also during the internship, you will get to know what tasks you don’t need to do. It gives you a clear picture of what is expected in order to make your future job search easier. However, you should consider trying new tasks you have little or no knowledge of. Chances are that you might discover yourself really enjoying them doing.
  • The most important benefit you acquire is you actual try out methods and techniques you’ve studied in closed classrooms. You actually see things how work and how the theory and the principles are applied to real life scenarios. For instance, if you are a civil engineering student, working at a construction firm gives you clear insights of how things work such as estimation, planning, hurdles that come while constructing, etc. You actually experience working at an office or workspace and this is something priceless.


  • You get used to the routines that come with a job. These may include how to interact with co workers, attending meetings, trainings, etc. Almost this is the same at every industry in your chosen domain.


  • You also learn domain specific skills. Apart from this you will learn something more crucial such as – teamwork, communication skills, interpersonal skills, computer proficiency, etc.

If you have done your internship right and have made a few contacts, chances are high that the company might end up giving you a full time job. So, even before you graduate, you will have your coveted job at a company you wished to work for. Hence consider searching for and applying to jobs well in advance. Typically you should start searching for opportunities right after your second year of studies.

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