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Importance of Planning and Organizing skill in Employability Sector

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Time is a valuable resource for any professionals. Inefficient use of time means wasted money and lost business opportunities. Therefore to effectively use time planning and organization is very necessary.
So what is planning? Does it refer to deciding ahead what is to be done and the way it’s to be done? For instance, you decide in advance where to study and what to study. And set up for the admission, transport arrangement and purchase of books and stationeries etc.

Thus planning is doing things in their purposeful and systematic order. Planning is something you do every day. You create simple plans for meals, transport, routine tasks, and social and sporting activities. You organize your time, gather what you need and communicate with others to make sure you fulfill your responsibilities and achieve the things you want.

Features of Planning

The basic features of planning can be summarized as follows:

1.Planning is an intellectual activity and needs bound abstract skills to look ahead into the future. It needs smart foresight and trait to anticipate future events, develop various courses of action and build the correct selection.

2.Planning is a continuous process. In organizations, plans are created for a specific period followed by new plans for the further period. Sometimes the conditions or circumstance change requiring the plans to be revised. For example, a sugar factory situated in upper regions of Uttar Pradesh had planned for 1,000 tons of sugar during the last quarter of the year. Accordingly, the management plan for procurement of sugar cane from the nearby areas. Unfortunately, there was snowfall leading to loss of crop. This made the management to change their plan and procure sugarcane from far off areas like Haryana and Rajasthan and also revise their planned production of 1000 to 800 tons. Thus, planning is a continuous activity in organizations.

3.Planning is flexible. Planning is done on the basis of some forecasts which may not materialize. Hence, can be changed according to your requirement. Activities are planned with certain assumptions, which may not come true. Managers must make provision for alternate strategies and plans as indicated in the earlier example of a sugar factory.

How to get started?

1. Establishment of Objectives
All of us know that every organization has some goals that it wants to achieve. Planning actually starts with defining these goals in more concrete, clear and unambiguous terms. This enables the management in gaining clarity on what they have to achieve and then plan all activities accordingly. Hence establishing organizational objective is the first thing that you need to do for good and meaningful planning.

2.The easiest way to organize your life is to start with something tangible and then move on to organizing the intangibles. Your office is a very good place to start what you want to do; it is where you spend the majority of your waking hours and where productivity and profits are at stake.

3. Organize Today!
Effective organization enhances your sense of control and competence, and it increases your energy and productivity levels – all of which are prerequisites for greater career success and profitability. And if you have mastered the process of organizing your workspace, you will be able to go to other areas of your life. Consider all of your daily activities as potential targets for increased organization and simplicity, and start improving your life today with the organizing skills you have learned. You’ll quickly find that the effort is well worth the reward.


Planning is very important to effectively use your time. Without organization and planning, we will be left behind. Planning makes us different and using it wisely we can even minimize our current loss.
A small problem can be a reason of failing of your organization. At that time planning is what you need the most.

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