internet turning world into global village

Internet: Turning the world into a Global Village.

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Planet Earth has a different name now: It’s also called a
Global Village.
Now why’s that? The answer is simple. Rapid and perpetual advancements in science and technology have certainly affected our lives. Distances simply don’t matter anymore. A person living in India reaches out to another in New York in minutes! Would that have been possible a century ago?

Rather, we reach out more by simply clicking on our computer mice. Sourcing information from any library anywhere in the world is a matter of seconds, thanks to digitization. It’s absolutely impossible to ignore the influence of social media that has spread like wildfire throughout the world. As the saying goes, if you’re not social media savvy, you don’t belong to society at all. Chatting via computers at any time of the day or night has eliminated not only distances but time zones as well. Connecting with friends and relatives the world over is at your fingertips. And all this has been possible through user friendly applications on your mobile phones.

March of the Internet

The unstoppable march of the Internet, moreover, has brought with it major technological developments and changes which have completely eliminated online problems that Internet users faced earlier one because of technical glitches. A user no longer needs to rummage through piles of messages to get access to a particular conversation because systems are more streamlined now, highly responsive and, therefore, more convenient for users.

The very “online” concept has indeed reduced the big wide world to a global village. From ordering for food to banking and paying our bills, everything is online today. From the comforts of our homes we are reaching out to all and sundry anywhere in the world and at any time. Isn’t that wonderful? Like in a village, you are at a shout’s distance from anyone, be it someone in China or Zimbabwe.

Facebook has opened up limitless scopes for keeping in touch with family and friends. So has Skype that allows for videoconferencing, thus eliminating substantial costs and time for travel to get in touch with someone on the other side of the universe.

Additionally, high speed broadband has enables us to share videos, photos and music within seconds. Incredible connectivity has been achieved through dedicated servers that allow any business establishment to remain open and connected 24/7. Shop to your heart’s content without stepping out of your home. Online shopping has converted the whole world into one big shopping mall! Travel to Paris to buy a Chanel dress or to Mongolia’s Ulan Bator for your favorite fur coat. All through your computer. As the saying goes nowadays, why fly when you can click.

Computerized telephony has made it possible for you to open offices in countries without actually being there. You are given a local number which forwards any call made to it to your cell phone, no matter where you may be. The caller gets the impression that you are actually in the country where he has called.

Check your bank balance on your computer screen, transfer money anywhere in the world, send out a request for a new check book and what’s more, even buy property through your computer account – things that were simply unthinkable even two decades ago. Yes, online NEFT and RTGS transfers has even made these possible.

Finding employment and subsequently working from home is no longer a distant dream either.
All you need to do is to log in and get cracking. Your salary or wages also get transferred to your bank account electronically. It may so happen that you won’t even need to visit your office ever!

Share videos on sites like YouTube, an iconic 21st century concept Just upload the video and let it reach out to millions of viewers in seconds. The same principle applies to webcams that have made face-to-face interactions among people who are apart by thousands of miles possible.

All at the click of a mouse! Yes, we are all global citizens now.

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