Job Prospects and Eligibility to study Company Secretary Course

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In this article we shall deal with the job prospects and career opportunities for company secretaries in India as well as in abroad. Let me please inform our new viewers that this article is a continuation to our previous article Scope of Company Secretaries in India, where we’ve provided insights about the role and governing bodies of the profession of company secretaries.

A CS (Company Secretary) can practice the profession both as an independent professional and/ or as an employee. It is both professionally and financially a highly rewarding career.
To get a gist of the profession, please read the following media byte mentioning the scope of company secretaries –

“There are about 35,000 registered Company Secretaries in India, of whom a mere 6,500 are professionals. There is a dearth of trained qualified professionals in the country, especially after the Companies Act, 2013 has come into effect,”

as said by R. Sridharan head of institute of Company Secretaries of India.

Salary of Company Secretary

Fully qualified and highly experienced professionals are offered packages upward of Rs.14 lakh per annum! The average minimum a partly qualified or a new comer earns is a somewhere around Rs.15, 000 a month. With many recent upheavals in the corporate sector, there is a great demand to retain the confidence of shareholders. This happens to be the main responsibility as part of the job profile of a CS in charge.
Luckily, a huge demand now prevails for highly skilled and competent company secretaries. The Companies Act defined the role of the CS and held them responsible for compliance of various provisions of the Act. Through this act, the CS is known as key management personnel that holds him/ her responsible for the errors and violations of provisions of law. Thus he is the named representative on all the legal documents of a company.

Duration of Company Secretary Course:

The Company Secretary course is mainly through correspondence only. The course duration is about 4 years and can be completed in three and a half years. The registration for the course is valid for five years from the date of enrollment.

The eligibility criteria for Company Secretary course:

Students who have passed Class XII or 10+2 in any stream are eligible, except for those who have opted for fine arts. One can register and appear for the foundation level examination after nine months from date of registration. After completion of this level comes the second level. The second level is an executive level. After successful completion of this level, employment can be sought in any company. There is one more level which is the final or professional level. The final level has got five elective subjects. One can sought experience and pursue this final level or can complete the level before hand. Students have to qualify in a group and it would not be adequate to pass in one examination. It is advisable to first sought employment and later focus on upgrading your levels. This way you gain money and save your parents money too.

In our next article, we shall discuss the entrance exams and the institutions in India where one can pursue this field in order to reach pinnacles of success.

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