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Medical Transcription Career in India

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The medical transcription field is one which has ample job opportunities for any student who has reasonably good knowledge of English. The healthcare industry in the USA is intrinsically linked to medical insurance. Insurance procedures call for the maintenance of detailed medical records. The medical professionals and para-medicals create voice content that then requires to be transcribed into text, printed and signed before submission or filing for the purpose of retrieval at the appropriate time.

Industry prospects

i. India has a large pool of English speaking human resources at reasonable rates leading to regular outsourcing of transcription business by US professionals and organizations;
ii. High speed satellite links and cutting edge IT is easily available in India, making voice and data transmission easy;
iii. Time difference creates a situation where content that is dictated on one working day of the USA is available in text form the next working day


To be a medical transcriptionist, the candidate should preferably be at least a graduate with good knowledge of English. Fluency in the English language, and familiarity with the vocabulary and accent of English as it is spoken in the USA, is essential in the field of medical transcription because the business flow emanates from the United States of America. Knowledge of English will also help the transcriptionist to set right errors of grammar and syntax. But training will still be required to acquire knowledge of medical terminologies, medical procedures, use of transcription equipment, etc. Companies that are well established in the medical transcription business have their own in-house training capacity but there are professional institutes that offer courses in medical transcription.

Leading institutes

Certificate Course in Medical Transcription

i. Ishwarya Techno Solutions, Vijayawada;
ii. Medical Transcription Training, New Delhi;
iii. Nazareth Institute of Management and Technology, Aizawl;
iv. InFocusRx Centre of Medical Excellence, Hyderabad;
v. Transorze Solutions, Thiruvananthapuram;
vi. India Academy of Medical Transcription, Secunderabad;
vii. Askribe Medical Transcription Services, Hyderabad;
viii. Delta School of Medical Transcription, Solan;
ix. Spectrum Softech Solutions Private Limited, Kochi / Thiruvananthapuram;
x. SharpHearing Technologies, Pune;
xi. Infoscript Services Private Limited, Bengaluru;
xii. Induj Infotech Limited, Mumbai;
xiii. Info Softech Technologies, New Delhi;
xiv. Softcom Institute of E-Com and Teleworking, Mumbai;
xv. Tech Skills, Chennai

Diploma in Medical Transcription 

i. Indian Institute of Medical Transcription, New Delhi;                                                                                                             ii. Karltech Medical Transcription Private Limited, NOIDA;
iii. MDS Infotech Limited, New Delhi;
iv. Meditrans India, New Delhi;
v. Academy of Medical Transcription, New Delhi;
vi. Medical Transcription Education Centre, New Delhi;
vii. Bajaj Institute of Information Technology, New Delhi;
viii. Shivam Institute of Medical Transcription, New Delhi;

Job Profile

The fundamental responsibilities are accurate transcription. formatting and proofreading of the voice content. The content flow is from doctors, private and public hospitals, clinics, laboratories, legal representatives in medico-legal cases, veterinary hospitals and doctors, surgeons, nurses, research centres, etc. The voice content to be transcribed is not only from doctors but also from nurses, therapists, pharmacists, para-medicals, etc. A transcription centre will ordinarily have a two stage process. The first stage is the actual medical transcription where the voice content is converted into text content. The second stage is proof reading, editing, electronic spell-check, grammar check, and examination for medical inconsistencies. The usual hierarchy is Medical Transcriptionist – Proofreader – Supervisor – Sub-Editor – Editor – Manager. There may also be a Quality Analyst who will function independently and report directly to the Chief Executive Officer.

Employment Skills

i. High grade listening skills (30%);
ii. Flawless English with good MS Word skills (25%);
iii. Knowledge of medical terms and procedures (20%);
iv. Ability to work for long hours (15%);
v. Ability to concentrate and focus (10%)

Prospective Employers

Voice transcription is only one of the options, and the most popular, for a person who is qualified for the work. The other options are to work in a medical book publishing company, an attorney’s office that specializes in medico-legal cases, a company marketing medical products, an insurance company, etc.

Leading Employers

i. Pioneer Transcription Systems, New Delhi;
ii. Webcom Infotech Limited, Mumbai;
iii. ISA Softech Solutions Private Limited, Mohali;
iv. Focus, Bengaluru;
v. Induj Infotech Limited, Mumbai;
vi. Drish Infotech Limited, Chandigarh;
vii. Lloyds Medical Solutions Private Limited, Bengaluru;
viii. Spheris India Private Limited, Bengaluru;
ix. Point Perfect Transcription Services (India) Private Limited;
x. Mediscribe India Limited

Compensation Packages

An entry level medical transcriptionist could expect to earn around Rs.5,000/- to Rs.7,500/- per month. With 1 year of work experience, the monthly earnings would be close to Rs.10,000/-. The employee may also be entitled to perquisites and incentives for early delivery of assignments. In case the transcriptionist is also able to act as proofreader, his earnings would increase significantly.

Pluses and minuses

Education and age are not a barrier to entering this profession;
Flexible working hours especially if you work from home;
Alternative employment in the field is not a difficult proposition

Compensation is not very attractive with limited scope for increase;
The experience may not help you in seeking employment in another field;
Constantly wearing headphones and sitting at a desk may result in health related concerns

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