Nobel peace prize winner 2014 Satyarthi and Malala

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Nobel peace prize winner 2014 Satyarthi and Malala

History was made when a 17-year-old Pakistani girl ‘’Malala Yousaffzai’’ and 60 years old Indian’’ Kailash Satyarthi’’ jointly shared the Noble peace prize for 2014 in Oslo. It is the first time ever when the prize is shared between these two nations.

India’s child labour activist Kailash Satyarthi and the Pakistan’s champion of children’s education Malala Yousafzai were awarded with noble peace prize 2014 for showing courage and for their struggle against the subdual of children and for children’s education rights.

With the announcement of these names, Kailash Satyarthi became the 8th Nobel laureate from India whilst the Malala became the 2nd citizen of her country to receive the most prestigious prize. Malala is also the youngest laureate of this most coveted prize.

Malala’s Yousafzai Profile

Malala became a global icon after she was shot by the Taliban for trampling the right to education for girls. Malala Yousafzai was the first who gained public attention via her heartfelt diary which seek her desire to continue in education and also for the girls to be educated. The time when she was shot b y Taliban gunman, she was already popular in her country but after that shocking act he gained the international fame. After her recovery form delicate surgery at Pakistan military hospital, she took her campaign global. She became an anonymous voice dilapidated the fears for girls in Taliban.

Kailash Satyarhti Profile

Satyarthi who is recognized for a long battle of 35 years to free thousands of children suffering from virtual slavery, is one of the followers of Gandhi . Kailash is an Indian activist for human rights who forefront the global movement to remove the child slavery from the world. His campaign began in 2980when he gave up his career as electrical engineer and took initiative for this global cause. He has led many rescues for over more than 78,000 child slave and develops education institutes and rehabilitation centers. Satayarthi has been the architect of largest civil society network to protect the most exploited children by the global march against child labor. His movement ‘’ Bachapan Bachao Andolan ‘’ is a pride itself to set free more than 80, 000 children from bonded labour across India and his network of activists working in around 100 countries.

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