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How Personal Computers have revolutionized our lives?

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Imagine a life without computers in today’s world. The whole concept of communications,  utilities, education and health care would perhaps have been radically different. The inevitable question that now arises is: How then have computers revolutionized our lives?


Lets’s take the communication aspect first. The personal computer has unfailingly brought people the world over closer through e-mails, chatting, mobile phones and videoconferencing. Huge amounts of money and time are saved as compared to the times when we wrote letters and waited for days for them to get delivered. Computers have also vastly influenced the print and electronic medias and it’s now through social media that we communicate more and more every day. In a nutshell, it’s truly a borderless world that we live in. Communications wise, that is.


In the sphere of education too, students have ready access to Google to get authentic information on just about anything they study. The onset of virtual classrooms has revolutionized the concept of distance education as have digital libraries that help people from all over the world to enhance their knowledge and skills. Virtual boards have replaced traditional blackboards in classrooms and which are great infotainment tools for teaching youngsters.  Virtual universities are even conducting online examinations and granting recognized graduate, post graduate and doctoral degrees based on their results.


The personal computer is also making its presence felt in enhancing utility facilities as well. It has revolutionized global transportation as airlines, railways and waterways transport operators have all started using computers for day to day operations. This in turn, has not only streamlined their  operations but have also saved substantial cost and time and eliminated a lot of traveling difficulties that people faced earlier on. Even facilities such as electricity, agriculture and water have reached the remotest corners of the world through efficient computer networks.


Moreover, it goes without saying that global health care has undergone a sea change ever since computers started playing a pivotal role in its development. Highly sophisticated diagnostic instruments are eliminating the need for invasive surgical exploration to detect diseases, hospitals are storing all their patient data on computers for ready reference anytime and robotic surgery is eliminating trauma and longer convalescence periods associated with conventional surgery. Computerized pathological equipment, moreover, has resulted in more accurate reporting and eliminated any scope for doubt.

Business & Commerce

In the world of business and commerce also, computers have become indispensable. Every successful business today has its own computer network to monitor day to day activities pertaining to administration,  human resources, manufacturing and production, finance and accounts  and every other possible sphere to run a successful business. This has also led to better organization, enhanced self sufficiency, reduced costs and increased speed in transacting and managing sales, thus improving the bottom lines of all computerized businesses considerably. The revolution that computers have caused in our lives is because of the fact that they have become more intuitive and are enabled to learn and recognize a human’s identity and also to understand what a human being wants. The computer chip is seemingly omnipresent, right from on our credit cards to super computers that control and manage global transport and food production systems. The latest generation personal computers are voice-activated, networked, video-enabled  and get easily connected to the world wide Web. This has created a fantastic global neural network that has metamorphosed the world into a global village and which is sans borders and hurdles, specially when it comes to interpersonal communications. Last but not least, computer-based robotics is revolutionizing science and technology, particularly in space flight. Digitally sensible computers today are capable of actually speaking to human beings as also other computers through advanced programming and hardware. This by itself establishes the huge role played by computers in our lives today.

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