How to prepare comprehension for CSAT?

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How to prepare comprehension for CSAT?

In CSAT paper of UPSC, the comprehension part has been added to specifically test a candidate’s language skills. For any job, communication skills are the basic set of necessities without which any candidate would experience a serious handicap. Since India is a diverse country, English has served as a medium of communication and is used as an official language in all states.

There are some crucial aspects one needs to keep in mind while preparing for CSAT comprehension portion:

• The thing to remember is that in the CSAT comprehension paper, the paper setter doesn’t write the passage, he simply duplicates it from a source such as a newspaper or article or a book. Either your vocabulary maybe low or maybe if you haven’t read English frequently, comprehension may become a bit tricky even though the paper is easy and highly scoring.

• A good candidate needs to comprehend four choices and then select the correct answer (comparative thing is going on in the General studies paper.) To do this effectively, you need to re-read a few sentences over and over to confirm and select the right answer.

• Accordingly, you first need to remove non-relevant portions of the passage and select the ones where the answer is hidden. Underline the critical stuff utilizing a pen/pencil. Then again, remove the irrelevant expressions/lines/words. If you simply continue reading without understanding and highlighting the critical and significant lines of the passage, then you may miss an essential expression or word while reading the section.

• Anyhow whatever it is that you’ve underlined and this needs to be done very carefully. It should take less time but needs a bit of practise. In any case, this re read will take very less time, as you’re now trying to find the answer and have already read the passage once (while highlighting).

• Don’t leave a question unanswered in the comprehension section. For math section, it is alright but not so in the comprehension section as when you leave question for afterwards, it unnecessarily makes weight on your brain. It influences your execution in other remaining inquiry of the paper. Moreover, when you return to the question later on, the entry won’t be in your memory. The energy/understanding of the section is lost or part of the way dissipated. So you’ve to at the end of the day re-read or at the very minimum look through the entire information one more time and this leads to wastage of time and in CSAT paper, time management is very crucial.

In the event that you can’t explain a specific understanding question then abandon it and don’t answer. Never ever rely on luck in comprehension part. Either you know it or you don’t. Guesses won’t work here. Also in UPSC CSAT paper, you don’t need to tick 80/80 inquiries in paper-II to clear the prelims exam so don’t try to answer every question.

Lastly, read passages on a daily basis. Reading and comprehension is something that can be improved with practise. The more you will read, the better your vocabulary will become and the better you will get each day.

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