How to prepare for Specialist Officer Exam

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How to prepare for Specialist Officer Exam

The preparation of the Specialist Officer Exam requires lot of effort as the competition is tough and the numbers of vacancies are not so high. Thus, obtaining good marks is an essential step in moving forward towards gaining a position in the Bank. Thus, to help you in all, we are providing some tips and Tricks for the better Preparation of the exams.

Quantitative Aptitude

This section will test your general mathematical aptitude skills. Our advice is to purchase a good book, which covers all the major topics in mathematics and learn some tricks and short easy ways to solve the quant questions. The Books like M Tyra and RS Agrawal may come handy. Most of the topics in the syllabus are from basic 10th Level NCERT mathematics syllabus, like Number System, Quadratic Equations, HCF, LCM, Probability, Average, Arithmetic Progressions, Geometry, Ratio and Proportions, Time and Distance, Percentage, Profit and Loss, Simple and Compound Interest and many others. The book, M Tyra contains numerous short tricks and Tips for quick solving of the questions.

Some Tricks

In case you are unaware of the formula and want to solve it, we would suggest to try to use the Elimination method. If an answer has 4 options out of which one is correct then start try figuring out which option cannot be the correct answer. Therefore you should try to eliminate the wrong answers to find out the correct one.


Reasoning is a real test of your analytical and mental ability. This is one of the most highly scoring section, but many a times it is being seen that the questions often take time to get solved. Solving questions on reasoning requires quite lot of concentration, decision making and reasoning ability.

This section usually includes questions on number series, assertion and reason, logical problems, blood relations, encoding-decoding and many other such.

English Language

This section usually tests candidates’ proficiency in English language, including reading comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary. The candidates can improve their English language skills by reading novels, newspapers and watching English movies and hearing news. The candidates are advised to improve their vocabulary and learn at least 20 new words each day along with their synonyms and antonyms. Watching and hearing English news daily not only improves candidates’ English but also enhances knowledge about the current affairs.

This section mostly contains question on reading comprehension, tenses, synonyms & antonyms, verb, error correction, para-jumbles, fill in the blanks with articles, vocabulary etc.

General Awareness

General Awareness or more simply called as General Knowledge can only be improved by reading books, newspapers and watching news on regular basis. Try to be enthusiastic and keep an eye on all changes happening around the world.
This General Awareness section also contains questions related to banking and is being considered as an integral part of the section. This section is mainly the test of knowledge about current affairs both national and global, around the world, Sports, scientific inventions, new plans, books and authors, awards, common abbreviations, important days and dates and other such. The marketing terms related to the Banking also comprises important part of the section.

Professional Knowledge

This section tests your specific knowledge based on the field area, which is based on the post you have applied for like IT, Agriculture and others. For example, if the candidate is from an IT background, the section might include questions related to databases, data structures and others.

Professional Knowledge section is included in the CWE for Specialist Officers to tests specific knowledge, which is based on the post you have applied for.

• The professional knowledge section is one of the scoring sections in entire paper, which totally includes questions from specialized area only and thus students can feel confident enough to solve the questions.
• Revise important concepts from Professional area concerning.
• Study relevant applications of the field with the banking position you are applying, as such questions are having greater chance to be asked.

Thus, in a nutshell the quick tips are as follows:

Quick Tips:

• Start preparing early and identify strong and weak areas.
• Plan preparation accordingly mainly focusing on weak areas.
• Learn time management by solving sample or mock tests and track your progress on a consistent basis.
• Keep an eye on negative marking. And at first instance avoid any guess work.
• Don’t utilize enough time on a particular question or if you’re unable to solve a question.
• Keep an eye on your watch so that you can wisely spend the time you’re left with.
• Always try to implement the Elimination Rule during the examination process.
• Always keep in mind that there is a sectional cut-off and you have to clear it in order to get through the test and receive interview calls.

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