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Rio Olympics 2016 overview

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Olympics have always been one of the most prestigious sporting events and this year the honour of hosting the Summer Olympics was given to Brazil. They conducted the Olympics from August 5th to August 21st in Brazil’s city of Rio de Janeiro. This Olympics is commonly called as Rio 2016. Rio 2016 was riddled with controversies and fear of Zika virus that caused many Olympians to withdraw from participating but the games went on.

The Rio Olympics were officially opened by Michel Temer, the acting president of Brazil with a big and mind blogging opening ceremony took place on August 5th at Maracanã Stadium that showcased the various cultures present in Brazil and brought great focus on topics such as the prevention of global warming and appealing to environmental conservation. The whole opening ceremony has lesser budget that any other Olympic opening ceremony.

Rio Olympics hosted more than 11,000 athletes hailing from 207 National Olympic Committees with debut entrants from countries such as South Sudan, Kosovo and team for the refugees known as Refugee Olympic Team. The host city had allotted 33 venues and five other venues from other cities in Brazil to host various sports. Rio 2016 had 28 Olympic sports featured that had 306 sets of metals in total.

Rio 2016 had United States of America ranked as the leading medal collector with 121 medals in total that included 46 gold ones, the second place was bagged by United Kingdom with 67 medals in total that included 27 gold ones and People’s Republic of China came in third with 70 medals in total that included 26 gold ones. The host county won 7 medals of their own and at this Olympics many countries like Jordan, Fiji, Singapore, Kosovo, Vietnam etc. managed to win their first gold medal and were ranked in the 13th place. Russia being one of the most prominent counties in the Olympics competition could not showcase the talent of their athletes due to the doping scandal which hindered their participation in the games.

The 5 athletes that shone brighter than others were practically the faces of Rio 2016:-

1.Michael Phelps: Phelps has already created quite a stir with his amazing swimming skills that garnered him loads of medals. But Rio 2016 will be the last participation of this star athlete making this occasion bitter-sweet. Phelps made sure to leave the Olympics with a bang as he bagged 5 gold medals and a single silver medal.

2.Usain Bolt: This Jamaican athlete awed us all again with his astounding running skills by garnering 3 gold medals in 200m, 100m and 4 x 100 m races.

3.Simone Biles: This amazing gymnast hailing from Unites States of America transfixed us with her amazing skills and bendy body that won her 4 gold medals a single bronze medal.

4.Wayde Van Niekerk: This South African athlete created a world record and won the gold for the 400 m race aweing us all.

5.Katie ledecky: This 19 year old freestyle swimmer hailing from US made her nation proud by winning 4 gold medals and a silver medal.

The other athletes were no less talented and made their nations proud by giving their respective sports their best.

Rio 2016 closing ceremony took place on August 21st at Maracanã Stadium, the Olympic torch was passed on to Tokyo that will be hosting the next summer Olympics.

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