How to be a scientist?

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 How to be a scientist?

A scientist investigates all the aspects of the innovation and discovery. A scientist dealing with the Universe should investigate how the universe, or specific parts of it, works. Scientists are also responsible for the formulation and hypotheses from early observations, then testing those hypotheses with some additional observations and experimenting in which they can measure those results and confirm or refute their hypotheses. Scientists often work in a university, colleges and even in Schools or any government setting.

Frame of mind

To be a scientist one should have a frame of mind and the main thing is determination. It does not matter where you go, just follow your passion, work really hard, and work even harder on developing the creative, individual attitude and way of looking towards things. Always try to experiment and afraid to make mistakes. Learn the scientific method and start applying on day by day basis. If you are at the School level, you can add knowledge through school, home study and on line study, spark ideas, thoughts, inventions, and directions that you can take while on the path to become a Scientist. If you not a student, you may be a scientist that never took a college course and can try a scientific work on own and develop a product, company, organization that has huge impact on the world. To become a scientist, you must have zeal and always remember the fact that it will not be easy nor will it is fast and it may never make you wealthy and the only thing may be you get is the satisfaction of soul.

At school level

Study science at school which includes Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. That’s the beginning step towards becoming a scientist. By studying these subjects, you will be left with Options later on in much pretty widely and even later on you don’t have to worry about the anything. Start reading in your area of interest or the areas! If you can read enough you will work out something new and innovative. You can also take some scholarships and can move abroad for the research as everyone knows that the research schemes in foreign countries are much better than our country. It also helps if you can also work out what you have an aptitude for as sometimes what we want and what we’re good at is not the same thing.
During School level you can aim to get good grades in all subjects, especially in science and the main thing is that you should keep on thinking. Never stop questioning yourself and others and discussing with your teachers and your counterparts. Never be afraid to make stupid guesses and dumb explanations of questions and seek the in depth answer to every question and everything. Always keep on asking why, how and when? Try to delve deeply into your concerned topic and involve yourself as much as you can. You would find that there are some topics or subjects that you can think about easily and can think something new under this. Try to work on Projects. Similarly explore further any topic in the sciences that interests you and have a deep study on the topics and try to research on the given topic through several books written by Scholars. Consult some experts for university level books on topic and take guidance from Teachers.
Try to learn the analytical and critical thinking skills to be a scientist. And remember this is must to get some edge in your later life. Take the specialization field and don’t try to divulge yourself in all spheres of life. You can’t be a scientist of all kinds. All scientists are specialized in Particular field as APJ Abdul Kalam Azad is into the field of Missiles and if you talk about him regarding microbiology, he just can’t satisfy your queries. Thus, scientists are specialized into the particular field and thus, you must choose your specialization area based on the topic which will keep on binding you all throughout your life. However, all scientists need a working knowledge of statistics and thus you should learn it to an extent.

Never lose Hope

Becoming a scientist of top quality should the priority of the life and just lose hope and fire within you at any moment of time as there may be numerous times, when you think, you are not going in any direction and may be your efforts are going useless. So, keep your aim high and keep on working towards goal.

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