Sports MCQ – 1

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1) Who of the following is a former Zimbabwe all-rounder
a) Mark Taylor b) Jacques kallis c) Neil Johnson d) Shane Warne

2) Winner of the FIFA-1998 world cup is
a) France b) Italy c) Argentina d) Chile

3) Roger Federer belongs to
a) Germany b) Netherlands c)Switzerland d) France

4) What country did Lance klusener play for
a) Australia b) India c)West indies d) South Africa

5) The term “Pitcher” belongs to which of the following sport
a) Basketball b) Cricket c) Baseball d) Hockey

6) The winner of 1987 cricket world cup is
a) Pakistan b) Australia c) West indies d) India

7) Which one of the following term is belongs to football sport
a) Kick off b) hole c) Leg glance d) stick

8) The host city of 2012 Olympics is
a) Beijing b) Rio de Janeiro c)London d) Barcelona

9) The term “Straight drive” belongs to
a) Hockey b) Cricket c) Billiards d) Football

10) Which is of the following the national sport of Greece
a) Baseball b) Hockey c) Golf d) Football

11) Narayan Karthikeyan belongs to
a) F1 Car racing b) Hockey c) Cricket d) Shooting

12) AbhinavBindra associated with
a) Wrestling b) Cricket c) Shooting d) Swimming

13) The National game of USA is
a) Basketball b) Rugby c) Baseball d) Tennis

14) In which of the following country 2010 Common Wealth game were held
a) China b) Japan c)India d) Pakistan

15) Which of the following does not belong to Olympics
a) Cricket b) wrestling c) shooting d)Football

16) Which one of the following fast bowler achieved top speed in International cricket is
a) Brett lee b) ShoaibAkthar c) Alan Donald d) Shaun Tait

17) In which Olympics KaranamMalleswari got the gold medal
a) 2000 b)2004 c)2008 d)2012

18) BaichungBhutia of India is associated with
a) Hockey b) Golf c) Football d) Cricket

19) Which one of the following award is received by Sachin Tendulkar In 2013
a) Bharat Ratna b) Rajiv Khel Ratna
c) Wisdom Cricketer of the year d) BCCI Cricketer of the year

20) The first Cricket World Cup started in
a) 1974 b) 1975 c)1976 d) 1977

21) The term “Parallel bar” uses in
a) Gymnastics b) Shooting c) Swimming d) Cycling

22) In cricket terminology, What is the full form of LBW
a) Leg Beside Wicket b) Leg Before Wicket c) Leg Beneath Wicket d) Leg bounce Wicket

23) The Correct order of Triathlon is
(a) Swimming – Cycling – Marathon (b) Cycling – Sprint – Hurdles
(c) Cycling – Swimming – Half Marathon (d) Marathon – Swimming – Cycling

24) The term Grand Slam associated with
a) Football b) Tennis c) Hockey d) Chess

25) Who scored Fastest century in international one day cricket
a) Mohammad Azaruddin b) Sachin Tendulkar
c) Ab de Villiers d) ShahidAfridi

26) The final world cup match in 2015 held in
a) Wellington b) Melbourne c) Auckland d) Sydney

27) For which country Diego Maradona played football
a) Spain b) Argentina c) Peru D) Chile

28) Sania Mirza associates with
a) Badminton b) Tennis c) Football d) Hockey

29) Venkatesh Prasad is a
a) Fast bowler b) Wicket Keeper c) Open Batsman d) Spinner

30) People also call Rahul Dravid as
a) The wall b) The Pinch hitter c) The window d) Master Blaster

31) What is national game of India
a) Cricket b) Volleyball c) Hockey d) Basketball

32) Basketball is the national game of
a) Kenya b) Estonia d) Portugal d) Scotland

33) Baseball is the national game of
a) West indies b) Puertorico c) England d) Bangladesh

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