Pharmacy is a course on health sciences for developing and dispensing of drugs for effective use of pharmaceuticals. The pharmacy field primarily divided into three disciplines which are pharmaceutics, Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy, and pharmacy practice.

The courses are Diploma in Pharmacy which is two years designed to prepare candidates to work under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist in hospitals, community pharmacies etc. The purpose is to provide a career-oriented program by providing students with necessary skills academic knowledge for entry-level positions in retail pharmacy. It also includes theory and practices involved in the science of pharmacy.

D.Pharm subjects are third-party billing, control on inventory, and adherence to relevant legal procedures, safe processing of prescriptions, record-keeping, verbal and written communication skills, and compounding techniques. The candidates get offered jobs like a member of the interdependent health care team. Ethical topics like patient-provider relation, end-of-life care, research etc are also taught during the time of course. Distribution of scarce resources, genetic testing and human cloning are also examined. They also learn about vast regulatory needs such as the testing, clinical and pre-clinical trial of drugs and screening.

B.Pharm is a bachelor degree in pharmacy that can be taken after 12th. It focuses on subjects like Human anatomy and physiology, Pharmaceutical maths and Biostatistics, Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. A candidate can proceed for a masters degree in Pharmacy which offers specialization like Pharmacognosy and Pharmacology etc. Also, you can ahead and register with state Pharmacy Council and can start once own Pharmacy or chemist to sell and stock medicines.

Pharm.D is a six-year-long program to prepare eligible candidates five years of academic study and a year of internship.  The course aims to teach patient medication therapy and developing patient outcomes. Top recruiting areas are health care centers, Drug control administration, Medical dispensing etc.