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Many students often face this dilemma if studying abroad is right for them or not. Especially in recent times in India the rage for abroad study is widely spreading. To address the dilemma of students contemplating to abroad study, we present to you in this article some benefits and advantages of studying abroad.

Chance to experience new cultures

When studying abroad you move out of your comfort zone. You’ll find yourself in an entirely new place where the customs and traditions vary entirely. The best way of finding out about another culture is by immersing yourself in it. You can only do this by living in another country. Students pursuing a master’s degree abroad gain a unique cultural experience while acquiring new skills necessary for the job market. It is a win-win situation. You may think that you can explore a place once you are working by taking a holiday. Bue once you are working by taking a holiday. But this may not be the case. Experiences overnight limited to a couple of weeks might not actually reveal the culture to its purest form. Hence it is a great opportunity to remain in a country and learn all about it over a longer period of time.

Networking skills

When studying at a foreign university, you get to meet new people from different ways of life. It’s likely that the university you choose for your international studies will have a large community of students both the locals as well as from around the globe. You’ll get to make friends with peers of different nationalities if you take full advantage of this opportunity. You could graduate having established lasting friendships. This is also good for an international professional network. Being part of an internationally diverse academic community enhances the quality of learning, a sense of understanding different customs and traditions, open mindedness and interpersonal skills. Making friends with other nationality peers can also be great when you’re planning for holiday trips.

Self independence

Studying abroad challenges students to really develop as individuals. You are on your own when in a foreign country. It teaches you how to mingle, communicate and interact. You have to be able to look after yourself and sort out your own affairs and abroad study no doubt teaches you the life skills to do this. It also tells your potential employer that you have the ability to stand on your own feet and that you can adapt to different work environments.

Change in perspective

Studying abroad may well change the way you view all kinds of things which you’d previously taken for granted. Studying abroad helps you expand your views and cater to global audience. It helps you understand and analyze problems from a worldwide perspective, tolerate differences and also recognize and appreciate diversity. Not every country in the world is as diverse as India.

Get ready for International job market

When studying abroad you are more prone to new technologies, knowledge and expertise. You get firsthand experience of conventional technology and its relevance to the industry. Thus you can expect to be more competitive in the international market space. Many industrialists and scholars too opine that studying abroad is likely to enhance future job prospects. It also shows you are resourceful.

Language skills

Studying abroad helps one to work on and develop language skills. This is essentially through the language spoken locally. Proficiency in English or the local language has many advantages. For example, if you are studying in Germany, it is good to know the local language to mingle with the locals and also improve your job prospects. The language skills will always be beneficial to you in both the short and long-term. You can also add it in your resume under skills and gain the interviewer’s attention.

Gain Knowledge

Studying at a place known as a leading global hub in your field of interest is certainly a plus point. For example, automotive engineering students studying in Michigan, USA are at a greater advantage than their peers owing to presence of leading automobile companies in the area. This simply means you are just a hand away from a plethora of opportunities. You also get to learn from industry leaders and renowned experts. You also get easy access to the companies to do your internship or thesis work. Another example to cement this idea – Germany is known for its advances in engineering technology. Most of the machines used in almost every industry today are made of German technology!


Apart from studies, abroad study provides a chance to travel widely. Obviously you will not just be tied to the university or city you are studying in and will take some time to travel within and around the country, why you must do this is because you will have the added advantage of cheaper travel during studies as you will be equipped with your student ID card which helps you take home greater discounts.

Stay tuned to this section as we present to you all the guidelines and support to help you decide your future college, application procedure and visa tips for a successful admission.

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