7 Ways to Improve Your Study Habits for IIT – JEE

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7 Ways to Improve Your Study Habits for IIT – JEE

Preparation for IIT – JEE is like making castles in the air, most of the aspirants almost go insane. Once you are preparing for IIT-JEE, continuous study may consume much of your life, and still there is no assurance of getting what you want. Despite of this entire thing, if you have chosen the road not taken, you should really jot down some important points about the preparations of IIT JEE. You should know the key points about time management, syllabus management, health management etc. Let us go through the planning one by one:

1. Sleep is mandatory

Bet everything but not sleep. Yes. You may get influenced by your friends or seniors about whom you have heard about studying the whole night for solving a topic, but don’t follow the path. It may upset your metabolism and lead you to the indigestion and acidity. Once health is disturbed it disturbs everything else. Remember the golden line ‘early to bed and early to rise’; well slept student understands and covers more syllabus than a sleep deprived student. For quick grasping, and sharp reasoning a minimum 6-8 hours of sleep is must.

2. Organize your routine

Vague living style may lead you to many problems. Plan your life once youdecide to crack IIT JEE. More non-organized you are, less are your chances to kill the cat. Your planning should cover all the W’s (When? What? Where? Which? ). Make a study plan to cover all the topics in such a way that you may answer objective, subjective and numerical questions from all the topics. You should plan the time span in which you need to cover the particular topic so that you don’t mismanage them. Also, make it sure after how much time you need to revise it. This may help you to prepare every topic thoroughly.

3. Set Practical Goals

Make routines which you can practically follow. It is of no use if you set ideal yet impractical goals. Prescribing abundant time (10-12 hours per day) to study is one such impractical decision students usually make but least follow. Hours of study do not make an IITian but concentration and right direction does make one. Know your capacity and style of studying so that you may chalk a plan accordingly.

4. Have life apart from IIT-JEE

Are you the one who had stopped talking to your friends and relatives after taking admission in an IIT coaching class? Cut the crap then, and make a call to your long lost friend. It is a wrong belief that to become an IITian you need to isolate yourself from the society. Only what you need is to maintain the balance between your study and social life. Being a social animal, humans love to socialize. After all, meeting with a friend makes you happier. And a happier man is always brighter than a depressed or gloomy. This increases your concentration and strength to face the exams.

5. Bookworm’s are unlikely to crack IIT-JEE

Avoid transcends into the world of books after deciding to prepare for IIT JEE. Take a day off every week for some refreshment. Go for a movie, indulge yourself in your hobby, listen to your favorite songs and have some fun in your life. Keep yourself active, don’t become a sluggish book worm who did not know what’s going on outside the room. It is always better to remain in touch with people and incidents around you. An alert mind scores better than a lazy inactive brain.

6. Avert rote learning:

Mugging up has a temporary effect. It is natural to forget the things we mug up without understanding. To become an IITian you need to develop your understanding of the all the subjects. It is always better to peek behind the formula and understand the derivation. Once you grasp the reason, automatically you will remember it. Though there are numerous things to understand and learn in the course of IIT JEE, this may obviously lead you to the confusion. To avoid this perplexity, make points, charts or tables for whatever you study. Paste it on your cupboard or somewhere in the place where you will see it regularly. Seeing it regularly will subconsciously help you in remembering them, there is a high chance that you will never forget them.

7. Stop panicking

Exams are over the head and you are yet amidst of your course? So many topics, so many revisions, yet unexamined? Don’t panic. What is the point in multiplying your palpitations before exams? It’s better to revise the topics you have well prepared for your IIT-JEE. Don’t let the exam fear ruin your preparations. Whatsoever the paper, solve it with confidence and all your intelligence and knowledge will definitely help you to score better.

Your teachers, relatives or seniors can only help you by showing you the path but finally you yourself need to confirm your ways to achieve the success.

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