Success Story – My experience of RRB Officer Examination

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Success Story – Story by successful candidate of RRB officer (scale-1) exam

Seriously speaking, cracking RRB Officer Examination is not a tough ask! The only need is to stay focused towards the goal and sit for the examination with proper goal. I, recently appeared for the examination and going to share my experiences of the RRB Officer examination! As, I earlier told you that the cracking of the examination is just like cutting piece of cake and if I can do it, you people are sure to achieve the task.

My Introduction

First of all, I will explain you about me. I am simple man who is involved in the daily routine job of internet marketing. From 10:00 to 7:00 job and coming back to the so called home, I cook at home. You all may be thinking, why I mentioned the word ‘So called Home’? The reason is that I live alone here, in Jaipur and thus have to manage everything on my own. My point regarding all is that, if a person like me can crack the examination without any preparation, think about you, who are preparing for these examinations for quite a sometime and are deeply indulged in these scenarios. I have completed my engineering much before and by that time; I am involved in the private sector job after a struggle in the initial years during the recession period. I never get any chance to prepare for any sort of the examinations and thus can be considered as a new comer and just exam attendee!

My way of how I took up the Examination

The RRB Officer examination, which was conducted in the month of August- September, was a medium level examination as felt by me. While, taking the examination, which off course is now a computer based Examination, or can be better called as online examination, was in some way helpful to me as I never felt alien while handling the examination! While taking up the examination, the only thing in mind was to cross the cut off required! While attempting the examination paper, which is off course not a question paper at all now, but while attempting the questions, my clear cut idea was to attempt at least the minimum number of questions required to clear all the sections of the examination. The irony is that I even was unknown of the fact of the minimum cut off or quite correctly can be called as the expected cut off of the previous year’s examination. However, I was of the view, that if I will be able to get at least 35% of the marks in each section, I will be able to clear the marks.

Strategy while attempting questions

The time allotment is the most crucial point while appearing for the examination as in the genuine way; we just can’t indulge in solving one section and leave behind the others. Thus, while attempting the sections one must focus on the number of questions correctly attempt than the time allotted for each section. There was one more important wise step, which I took during the examination; that is not to be egoistic. It means, if I am unsuccessful in solving a particular question, I clearly and with open hearted moved further to solve the next.

When I analyzed that I solved enough of the questions in the section, I moved to the next section quickly. Thus, I get enough chance and time to devote enough time for each section, so that I can qualify for at least.

To make it clear on my approach, I will let you know all that, my English and Computers are above par in comparison to the general candidates, who appear for the examination. Thus, during the Examination, I took up Computers at the first attempt, at second English, later on General Awareness questions. The reason was quite obvious; as it gave me much confidence for the later sections. Even during the solving of the Computers and General Awareness, I devoted the least time and never have a second thought over my answer. The reason is quite simple; in such questions, either I know the correct answer or I don’t know. Thus, devoting less time, I perhaps saved couple of minutes, which were used for the Quantitative and Reasoning. Upon completing all the sections, approximately according to the cut off, I later jumped back to my strongest area, which off course was English, so as to get more marks to improve my overall marks obtained.

Thus, you all can, with some planning and right judgment, can easily crack the examination of any kind, in particular IBPS Examinations.

Note: Due to privacy reason we have not shared any private info such as Name,Address,Score details of successful candidates.Above success story or opinions are 100% true.

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