UK Establish a permanent naval base with Bahrain

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UK Establish a permanent naval base with Bahrain

Hello friends… I am back with a blasting and exciting current affair news directly from Britain, so read my article and will be updated about the happenings all around the world.

Britain is going to establish its first permanent naval base in Bahrain for 43 years to carcass security against Isis. The British has decided to spend £15m for installing naval base at Mina Salman Port situated in Bahrain. It would be presented as an “emblematic” deal to increase the stability in the region, security against avoidable threats. This deal strengthens the partnership of Britain with the Gulf States.

The four Royal Navy ships are already installed at the Mina Salman Port and more destroyers and aircraft carriers are also been installed. Britain also closes all the major bases situated at the east of Suez Canal. Although the major officials of military have been working to for around two years to abolish the threat from is in Syria and Iraq that raise the focus on the presence of Britain in the region but now it gained its strength.

Bahrain acts as a British protectorate for a long time under the reign of al-Khalifa dynasty. It has looked for a long time for Britain to shield it against the domestic repression from international reaction. After that it is also protected generation to generation. Yet it is not clear that why Britain establish its naval base in Bahrain because there is no reason other than the fact that it is possible to do so. After 2003, British intervention via the ground troops in Basara has been seen but these troops are too few to control the city. The force would face many problems due to the political failure to understand the measure of hostility and resistance. So now the new naval base in Bahrain will support RAF operations which would be taken against the Islamic State in Iraq.

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