written communication skill

Written Communication Skill

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Written Communication has great significance in everyone’s life. Whether you are a businessman or a school student or working in any kind of organization. Most of the jobs require that you communicate in writing. There are many tasks that you have to perform like E-mail writing, send text messages, and leave notes for co-workers post a notice etc. all these can only be done in writing.

Composing written communications can be done effectively if you possess good writing skills. Written communication requires the presentation of clear, logical thoughts. Today, few written communications are actually written by hand, except quick notes like telephone messages. The majority of written communications are prepared using electronic things like computers and tablet. As a result, keyboard skills are essential in today’s healthcare world.

Written communications offer an excellent opportunity to make a good impression on others, but developing these skills takes time and effort. Writing requires thought, preparation, skill, and confidence. Throughout your career, you might be asked to write a variety of communications such as original letters, memos, and responses to information requests, telephone messages, e-mails, patient instructions, and supply orders.

Qualities of good written communication
A good written communication requires attentions, tone, organization, and appearance.
There are some guidelines that should be followed:-
1.Composition: Check any grammar mistakes, punctuation, and spellings.
2.Clear: The writing format should be simple so that everyone can understand. If you have any
doubt that read it aloud so that you can find any mistakes in it.
3.Comprehensive: Include all the important details, points.
4.Accurate: It should be the point to point no extra things included.
5.Appropriate: Make sure that you use appropriate words and if you are writing to a senior then there should be proper respect in writing.

How to master written communication

There are many ways to master it.
1.Preparation: Before writing anything preparation is very important. Make a list of all important points so that you don’t miss them. If you are writing an email to your senior then it should be in proper format.
2.Research: Good quality content is what everyone wants. So a proper researched material puts a good impression on your client.
3.Read a Lot: If you want to improve your writing skill then reading is a panacea. Read a lot and read good stuff.
4.Visualize: Try to visualize everything in your mind before writing. It will provide you a basic idea.

Different types of writings:-

1. Email Messages
There are basic rules to follow when you write for work. The bottom line is the email messages that you send as an employee will look very different from the emails you write to your friends.
Correct Composition
Your friends don’t care if you use complete sentences and words, correct grammar, and correct spelling. Your supervisor and coworkers do. In fact, the importance of correct spelling and proper grammar cannot be overemphasized.
It won’t bother your friends if you send them a message that is garbled. But it will bother your supervisor and your co-workers if you send one to them. PROOFREAD your message to make sure it says what you mean. Look for ambiguities.

2. Report Writing
A report is a document containing comprehensive information about a specific subject. To write a good report, the following three stages must be discussed.
• Planning.
• Writing.
• Editing.

3. Documentation
Any idea, logic or argument or phraseology derived from an outside source must be documented. You must give credit for all borrowed materials; for example, quotations, references, primary and secondary sources; facts, data, and statistics, opinions, ideas and interpretations which you have gathered from your reading and research.

To be a competent communicator, you must understand and practice English language usage rules. Your ability to communicate successfully is dependent upon your understanding of language. This is also true in speaking, as well as written communication through any means like letters, emails. Communicating clearly while giving a presentation and holding a meeting is critical for succeeding in both endeavors. If a person uses incorrect English in your written communications, then they may be misunderstood.

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